Are You A Freak?
photo drawn by my bf, charlesanimated. He was being too kind, because I am far from a waist that small.

  • My internet alias is Francy Pants. Known in the fam as T-Tia, known to the homies as Frenchie, known to the boo as Baba, known to the government as Cynthia Francillon

  • I AM JUST LIKE YOU, but not. I'm a wide variety just like everyone else, but with my own variety, not like anyone else.

  • I love anything comedy related, because comedy got me through the trials and errors of high school. It helped me in the development of who I am today. Therefore, to live and breathe comedy is a luxury.

  • I'm 22 yrs young, slowly grasping the side effects of the grown up syndrome, but chilling in my kid persona for the time being.

  • I'm a Journalism major and a Media Arts (TV/FILM) minor. I hope to make it into the entertainment business because entertaining is all I love to do. Aside from normal stuff like poking at my flaws, wishing I was best friends with Emma Stone, and obsessively researching my idols.

  • My heart belongs to a lot of pop culture, hence why my blog is called "Are You A Freak?" Catered to everyone who loves that one thing or those many things, this blog shuns no one. Instead, it invites everyone.

  • When I'm not blogging, I'm writing scripts, making videos, social media-ing, and donating my time to political means.

  • Ron Swanson and I go together.

  • Anton Yelchin: "I f-ing love movies."

  • I leave you with nothing else, except have fun, don't take this blog so terribly serious, because it's not meant to be, be kind to yourself and others, and don't be afraid. Of what? Well, that's up to you, dear friends.
  • KICKSTART YOUR DAY WITH: Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare’s “Rocket Girl”

    Amy and Brandon, the awesome duo who brought you last year’s Kickstarter success one-shot comic “Halloween Eve,” brings us another awesome project that, this time around, will be a monthly series!

    DaYoung Johannson is a 15-year-old cop from the year 2013 (not the current one, but the 2013 people thought would be from all of the 80s films out there, i.e. “Back to the Future”) who must go back in time to the year 1986 in New York City to stop an invention from being created that could jeopardize the future. But while on her mission, she learns that the 2013 she lives in shouldn’t exist at all.

    To back the Kickstarter up to reach its $20,000 goal, click the title above and donate what you can!

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